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Hi, I'm Luan.

These are my top Reels.

Short videos and reels are crucial for grabbing attention on social media. Below are some of my top works showcasing how impactful videos can tell stories, engage audiences, and boost a brand digital presence.

Castration Day

This was a project where I handled the event's capture and monitoring. The editing was done in a dynamic and exciting way, resulting in the audience being moved by the theme.


This video was recorded prior to Anderson and Matheus' DVD recording with host Mari Araujo. Its purpose was to promote the duo.


Create a Reel to promote a tattoo studio and showcase the artist's work.

Request for Donations

A video was created with the purpose of raising donations for a non-profit organization. However, the audio was severely damaged. With the help of AI tools, the audio was restored and improved to provide better quality.

Behind the Scenes of an Event

Create a video showcasing behind-the-scenes of an event to promote the production company and provide a glimpse of the work done.

Behind the Scenes of a Soccer Game

This video was shot behind the scenes during the camera operation on a crane at regional tourment. Its purpose is to showcase the work of the production team and the backstage of a football game.

Documentary Reels about the Flood

A Reel created to raise donations for an NGO, showcasing the impact of the flood and the rescue of supplies for animal care.

Capa portifolio


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